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About Kerala psc
The Kerala Public Service Commission is a body created by the Constitution of India to select applicants for civil service jobs in the Indian state of Kerala according to the merits of the applicants and the rules of reservation. The Head Office of the KPSC is located at Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, the State Capital.
PSC Staff Nurse unexpected Questions and Answers
Complications of Epstein Barr Virus infection are?
Gullien Barre Syndrome, IgM Haemolytic Anaemia and Rapidly enlarging Splenimegaly.

..... is a charateristic feature of fever in Typhoid other than fever in other diseases?
Bradycardia and Step ladder pattern of the fever.
( in all other cases fever causes tachycardia )

Drugs used in MDR Typhoid fever are?
Aminoglycosides, cephalosporins and Fluroquinolones.

Hyaline membrane disease is caused due to?
Fetal hypoxemia.

Which part of the brain is more affected by Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy?
Deep white matter.

Pulmonary Surfactant is synthesised by..?
Type 2 pneumocytes OR Type 2 alveolar cells.

..... is the term used for night blindedness?

Whose blood is tested positive in indirect coombs test for Rh Incompactibility?
Maternal blood.

Usual combination medicines therapy in septicemia of neonates is?
Ampicillin, Gentamicin Combination.

Drug combination for ischemic Enterocholitis is?
Ceftazidime and Metrogyl.

Physiological Jaundice normally disppears by?
14 days.

One gramme haemoglobin produce.... quantity of iron?
3.34 mg of iron.

Stigmata of congenital syphilis include?
Saddle nose, Hutchinson' s teeth and Saber Tibia.

Common medicines used in attention deficit disorder includes?
Pemoline, Methylphenidate and Dextro amphetamine.

...is absent in congenital syphilis?

Painless genital ulcer formed during the primary stage of Syphilis is called?

Causative organism of Syphilis is?
Treponimma Pallidum.

Cause of choreo retinitis is newborn are?
Toxoplasmosis, Cytomegalo Virus and Syphilis.

Causative Organism of Infected Mononucleosis is?
Epstein Barr Virus ( Herpes Virus 4).

Mononucleosis is also called?
Kissing disease..

Lymph node enlargement over occipital protuberance with discrete rash is a characteristic of?

Causative organisms of Roseola Infantum are?
Herpes Virus 6, Parvo Virus B19 and Echo Virus 19.

Name few extra pyramidal symptoms?
Ac Dystonia, Tardive Dyskinesia and Akathesia.

Highest incidence of Typhoid is seen in..... age group ?

Power used in ECT is?
70-130 volts for 0.1-0.8 seconds.

CD cells are.....kind of cells?
Helper inducer.

Characteristics of Rickets are?
Low calcium, Low phosphorus and high Alkaline Phosphotase.

Toxicity symptoms of Vitamine A are?
Hair loss, anorexia, Hepato Spleno Megaly and elecated ICP.

Toxicity symptoms of Vitamine D are?
Failure to thrive, Hypotonia and constipation.

Pot belly in rickets is due to?
Lordosis, Visceroptosis and Muscle hypotonia.

Fifth disease refers to?
Erythema Infectiosum ( also called slapped cheek syndrome )
Polio causes assymetrical muscle paralysis.

'Whoop' in Pertusis is produced during?

Miliary motting of lungs in TB is due to?
Haematogenous spread.

Calcium absorption antagonists are?
Fatty acids, Oxalic acid of vegetables and Phytic acid of cereals.

Pertusis is also called?
Whooping cough.

Lowe syndrome is?
Oculo Cerebro Renal dystrophy.

Conditions caused by riboflavin deficiency are?
Glossitis, Chelosis and vascularisation of the cornea.

Requirement of Niacin in an adult is?
6.6 mg/1000 kcal

Rickets which is unresponsive to Vitamine D is seen in?
Fanconi Syndrome, Malignancy and RTA.
Ductus arteriosus connects Aorta and Pulmonary Artery.

Calorie requirement in later adolesence is?
45 Kcal/kg.

Calorie requirement in infant is?

Antibiotics used in drug resistant TB are?
Ansamycine, Fluroquinolone and Cyclocerine.

Adjuvant salt used in DPT vaccine is?
Aluminium Hydroxide.

Snow storm pattern in USG is seen in?
Hydatidiform mole.

Post chickenpox encephalitis affects?

Protozoa causing exanthema is?

Causes of Hydrocephalus are?
Arnold Chiari malformation, Dandy Walker malformation and TORCH infection.
( Torch syndrome is a cluster of symptoms caused by Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalo Virus, Herpes Simplex and other organisms including Syphilis, Parvovirus and Varicella zoster. Zika Virus is considered to be the most recent member of TORCH infections ).

Longest surviving malarial paracite in human is?
Plasmodium Malaria.

Dose of Quinine in cerebral malaria is?
30 mg/kg/day.

....is a complication of malaria caused by plasmodium falciparum and it happens due to the drug
induced hemolysis?
Black water fever.

Use of Trtracycline in Pregnancy causes... in baby ?
Staining of teeth, Enamel Hypoplasia and congenital cataract.

Mothers with.... blood group are more prone to ABO incompactability?
Blood group O.

Jaundice due to dialation of intrahepatic biliary ducts is called?
Caroli's disease.

.... most trustable marker of fetal lung matutity?
Lecithin - Sphyngomyelin Ratio.

Lecithin - Sphyngomyelin ratio is not reliable in?
Mothers with DM.

Sickle cell crisis is due to?

IgM haemolytic anaemia responds best to?

Neonatal Toxoplasmosis diagnosis is based on?
Presence of organism in CSF, IgM IF antibody and Complement fixation test.

Lenolenic acid is a.. ?
Omega 3 fatty acid.

Drug of choice in drug resistant leprosy is?
Interferon Gamma.

The vaccines which are poor in Herd effect are?
DPT and Typhoid vaccines.

The presence of small thymus gland with Tetany and aortic arch anomaly is called?
Di George Syndrome.

Which vaccine is also available in the form of nasal spray?

Cartilage Necrosis in children is a complication of the use of... drug?

Avourage duration of Typhoid treatment is?
10 days.

What are the reasons for Hyper Bilirubinaemia in newborn period?
Galactosemia, Tyrosinemia and Hypothyroidism.

Signs and symptoms of Biliary Atresia includes?
Absence of bile pigments in stool, rise in alkaline phosphotase and vanishing bile ducts in USG.

Visceral larva migration occurs in the infestation ... kind of worms?
Tinea Canis.

When it is referred as short stature?
Height below third percentile.

Commonest cause of short stature is?

Drug of choice in the treatment of enuresis is?

Nasal spray effective against enuresis is?

Signs of visceral larva migration are?
Hepatomegaly, Pulmonary infiltrate and marked eisnophilia.

Clostridium Tetani is.. kind of bacteria?
Gram positive, Motile, Spore bearing and Non encapsulating.

Congenital spherocytosis is due to?
Defective RBC membranes.

Vanishing bile ducts in USG is seen in?
Biliary Atresia.

Which is defective in chronic granulomatous diseases?
Bacterial killing.

Masster muscle spasm is seen in?
Neonatal Tetanus.

Programmed cell death is termed as?

Antibiotics which is contra indicated in bolulism is?
Gentamicin and Tobramycin
( aminoglycosides are contra indicated in clostridium botulinum infection as it potentiate the neuro muscular blockade of botulinum toxins and may aggravate the disease and can cause death )

In IUGR babies, polycythemia and increased viscosity is due to?
Intra uterine hypoxia.
Bleeding in cephalhaematoma will be below Periosteum.

Distended sebaceous glands are called?

Treatment for birth asphyxia include?
100% oxygen and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Why sulphonamides and chloramphenical are best avoided in pregnancy?
Because it causes increased bilirubinemia in fetus.

Unlike adults, blades of fetal laryngiscope is... in shape?
Size of ET tube for a 2-5 years old child is called?
5-7 mm.
ET tube should be inserted.... cms beyond glottis?
4-5 cms.
Indications for exchange transfusion are?
Bilirubin above 25-28 in non haemolytic jaundice, bilirubin level above 18-20 in haemolytic jaundice and serum bilirubin and protein ratio less than 3:5.
Low set ears is associated with?
Chromosomal anomaly, dysmorphisn and urogenital anomaly..
Periventricular venous infarction in neonates is usually due to?
Birth Asphyxia.
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